Radio Topics, March 13

Happy Tuesday! We’ve got an exciting show lined up, with a couple of fun surprises for the second hour. Tune in on CKCU at 7am!

Clayton Ruby wants Rob Ford to get tossed from office.

BC imposes settlement on teachers.

Dion on the NDP and sovereignty.

Cashless society putting pressure on Canada’s payment system

A downtown casino for Ottawa?

Today in Harm Reduction: Heroin better than Methodone?

Time to get out of the ‘stan earlier?

Ravens win for 8th time in a decade!

One thought on “Radio Topics, March 13

  1. In terms of Dion’s op-ed, it’s worth considering just what Bill 101 involves if we’re serious about applying it to the Federal government operations in Quebec:

    - The civil administration shall use [French] in its written communications with other governments and with legal persons established in Qu├ębec.
    - The Government, the government departments and the other agencies of the civil administration shall use only [French] in their written communications with each other.
    - The civil administration shall use only French in signs and posters, except where reasons of health or public safety require the use of another language as well.
    - The bodies and institutions recognized under of section 29.1 may erect signs and posters in both French and another language, the French text predominating.

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