Radio Topics, June 9

Happy Tuesday all! We are inching closer to the official beginning of summer! Join Adam and I from 7-9am to talk about the week that was; for those from away.

At 7:45, I will be speaking with Peter Blouin, who is helping organize Ottawa‘s World Naked Bike Ride event. At 8:10, Adam will speak with Annie Langlois from the Museum of Nature on the Roundtable on water usage.

We’ll also touch on at least some of the following:

My home province (and where Adam wishes he was from) is holding a provincial election today, with every indication being that the incumbent tories will lose to the NDP.

In a push to remain relevant, the PQ announces a return to campaigning for sovereignty, albeit in steps.

Let the bad times roll: Ottawa gets 375 million in stimulus funding; its still a shame we don’t have our transit plan sorted out yet.

The federal government changes the time limits for transit drivers; only Ottawa pleased.

Down in the polls? Go after criminals. And Terrorists.

Buy America spreads; Canadian Municipalities torn in response.

Pirates, Nationalists elected to UK parliament.

Glen Breton fights to keep its name.

Playing outside is should be homework.

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