Radio Topics, May 8th

Below is are the links to what we talked about today. Sadly, as always seems to happen, the really juicy stories always happen after we got off air, so the discussion on Boisclair vs. Duceppe is now a bit dated. Similarly, I really I had taped my musings that eventually being on the wrong side of popular issues will start to bite the Tories in the ass, as it seems that their support is falling in Quebec and Ontario. Now if only the Liberals could do something with the ball….

I will actually upload the Andrea Mandel-Campbell interview tonight- my thumbstick with the file had gone AWOL, but has now returned. Anyway, topics, as promised:
Clean air for everyone in Canada…except those living near the oil sands.

The Jets are coming back if Manitoba Tories have their way.

France elects a right wing president who wins the working class and female vote despite his opponent being both a female and a socialist.

In order to keep his job Andre Boisclair decides to attack Duceppe.

Suburban intensification development in Stitsville draws anger of neighbours.

Political consequences for the Tories regarding their support for the Afghanistan mission…
And the abuse of prisoners, which the Tories appear to be confused about.

Global warming, Tourism and Germany

Another Canadian company to be bought… This time its Alcan.

The Senators are the energizer bunny, they keep going and going. Two series down, two to go.

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