Radio Topics for June 2nd

Welcome to the first day of June. Hopefully June this year brings us something better than 22 days of rain. Regardless of the weather listen to Adam and Mike. At 7:30 Mike will be talking with economist Jeff Ruben about his book Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller. At 8:45 we will be talking with Kate Poirier regarding Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre. As always, we air from 7am to 9am tomorrow on 93.1fm in Ottawa; for everyone else.

Our Governor General ate a seal heart and has created quite a stir.

Ottawa City Council votes to allow suburban sprawl as the urban boundary grows.

New Poll puts the Liberals ahead with a showdown over EI coming in the next few days thanks to the NDP.

Amidst it all the Tories want to talk about sex offenders and how to best register them.

An update on the Ontario Tories leadership race: Mike Harris can’t resist having his opinions heard While Christine Elliot is dubbed the ‘modest’ candidate by the TorStar.

Simultaneously the strangest and the saddest news story of the week. An Air France plane disappears over the Atlantic Ocean.

In what was inevitable some said, GM files for bankruptcy protection with US courts.

Free Heroin! Only if you are one of 200 addicts selected to partake in a test program in Montreal and Vancouver

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