Radio Topics, May 11

Good morning! We have an exciting show lined up this week. At 7:30, I’ll speak with┬áMike Weickert of World Vision Canada to talk about their new report, Humanitarian Horizons. At 8:05, we’ll chat with Jon Barlett of Ottawa’s Kelp Records about that label’s 16 anniversary party this weekend.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Maybe the Jets will come back?

Do you care enough about renaming Wellington to donate to the cause? At least one person hopes you do.

Canwest gets sold.

You mean they can’t already? Police want speedy roadside access to MTO drivers licence photos.

The Bar Association comes out against random roadside breathalizers. No, the Bar Association with Lawyers.

It took forever to count, we know who will sit in the House, but no idea who will live in Number 10.

One thought on “Radio Topics, May 11

  1. “Bob Plamondon said the Parliament Buildings and the Supreme Court building should be located on a street named after Canada’s first prime minister, rather than a British citizen.”

    It’s funny that he thinks those two things are mutually exclusive.

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