Radio Topics for August 24th

This will be Adam’s last show as he flies out to Vancouver in a week. Never fear though as he’ll reappear from time to time so this isn’t goodbye for good. At 8:06 (right after the BBC News) we are going to be joined by Somerset Ward Council Candidate Don Fex to talk about his ideas for the ward. As per usual we air from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa or online at for everyone else.

Canadian Association of the Chiefs of Police want the Harper government to keep the Federal Long Gun Registry.

Is the idea of a Peer-Reviewed journal becoming obsolete in the Internet age?

I hope Ottawa finds something equally as cool when we start digging tunnels underneath our city streets.

The mass arrest of G20 protesters in June leads to a mass court appearance in August.

Its late August, time for Harper to head to the Canadian Arctic and dole out cash.

Watson wants to shrink Ottawa City Council to as few as 14 members.

The City of Ottawa wants to hear from cyclists about the most dangerous roadways in Ottawa.

Cullen says scrapping the transit tunnel would set the city’s light rail planning back to square one.

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