Radio Topics, March 29th

Happy Tuesday! We are off to the hustings, and so for the first show in months we get to be spared election speculation. Instead, we just get to talk about the actual campaign.

At 7:30, we’ll speak with Carleton Paul Adams about the election, with a specific focus on how the media is likely to cover it. It will all be very meta.

At 8:05, we’ll talk with Diana Pepall, Program Manager for Collection Management at Ottawa Public Library, about their new Freegal digital music collection.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

2004 Harper had a coalition plan. AND apparently an odd understanding of how parliament works?

The beginning of the poll watch.

Income splitting?

Kite flying woes in Toronto?

Burger ban at Sick Kids?

Simpsons episodes pulled because of Japanese Nuclear disaster.

BCE backs down on UBB.

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