Radio Topics for June 28th

Happy early Canada Day. Next time the show airs we shall be into July and the future King and Queen of England will have departed Ottawa. We have an exciting show lined up. At 7:30 Adam will be speaking with Michael Dawson who is the keyboardist and lyricist for the Regina band Library Voices who are appearing at Bluesfest this year. At 8:06 Mike will be speaking with Marc Aubin from Heritage Ottawa regarding their new report on heritage buildings in Lowertown. Finally, at 8:30 Adam will be speaking with the Vancouver singer/song-writer Hannah Georgas regarding her performance at this year’s Bluesfest. As per usual we air from 7-9am on CKCU FM 93.1 in Ottawa and online at for everyone else.

New York to allow gay marriage.

After a Thursday lasting 52 hours, Canada Post workers are legislated back to work. Mail delivery to start today.

Rob Ford’s cottage vacation was scheduled for the exact same time as Toronto’s Gay Pride Festival.

Prince William and Kate are visiting Canada…prompting one of the more bizarre news stories of the year.

Report critical of Lansdowne redevelopment not shown to city council.

Latest polling numbers show Changebook is resonating with Ontarions. Tim Hudak as the next premier of Ontario?

The race for the Republican presidential nominee for 2012 heats up as Tea-Party darling Michele Bachmann joins the race.

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