Radio Topics for May 8th

Already the second Tuesday of May. Adam is back for the summer and we have three interviews for the show, everything is as it should be. Now If only Ottawa was still playing hockey. At 7:30 Adam will be speaking with Cheryl regarding the 12th Annual Hintonburg Tulipfest which will include a plant exchange, brownie bake-off and horse and trolley rides. At 8pm Mike will be speaking with Caron from MEC regarding Ottawa bike-fest taking place on Sunday. As well Caron is going to perform her own version of the famous 80′s song “Busta Move!” Finally at 8:15 Mike will be speaking with Cynthia regarding Defeat Depression Day. As per usual we air from 7-9am on CKCY 93.1 FM in Ottawa, online at for everyone else.

Mayfair Orleans in financial trouble only 6 months after opening.

Just when it looked like both sides in Quebec’s tuition fee stand-off had reached a starts to unravel.

Student suspended for wearing a religious t-shirt is now taken out of school by his own bible waving father. Sigh…

Rob Ford vs. The Toronto Star.

Anti-austerity parties win big in Greece and France.

The Tories want to pass the entire budget in one giant bill, the NDP is not happy with this plan. The Tories don’t care.

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