Radio Topics, May 29

What a show we have for you today! At 8:00, I’ll speak with Jaime Alexanderson about the Cycling For Sight event taking place in Ottawa this weekend. At 8:30, Adam will speak with Wanda Gibson about the “Save the Gatineau” concert taking place this Thursday at the Carleton.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

So long, Sunday Citizen. So longer, big portions of postmedia editorial staff.

Rob Ford quit weighing himself in public.

BC parents vote to limit wifi in schools.

…but at least they’ll have a family day!

Thomas Mulcair’s had 11 mortgage’s on the same house

Lightning strike kills teen in Ottawa.

3 thoughts on “Radio Topics, May 29

  1. Question: Is there a way to listen to recent shows? I missed yours from this morning as I wasn’t told Wanda would be on speaking about our cause.

  2. Oh wonderful. Thank you SO SO much for interviewing Wanda and getting the word out about saving our river. We really appreciate it.

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